FamiKamen Rider: What to Watch?

Some folks have been interested in knowing what we were pulling from to build our story for this movie.  I’m happy to say that we’re keeping it about as canon as we can possibly make it.  For those of you who may not have seen some of the things we’ve pulled from, or if you need a refresher course, we encourage you to watch the WA*RI*ON Saga followed by the YCPT 3rd Year Anniversary videos.  We have them embedded here, all five episodes, in their appropriate order so that you can catch back up on the events of the Juu WaRiOn and how he became the FamiKamen Rider.

WA*RI*ON Part 1 – Mario & Wario

WA*RI*ON Part 2 – Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke D

WA*RI*ON Part 3 – L.S.D.

Can’t see the embedded video?  Click this! http://blip.tv/play/AYKt_QcC.x?p=1
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKt_QcC.x?p=1 width=”720″ height=”433″]

YCPT – 3rd Year Anniversary – Part 1
Can’t see the embedded video?  Click this! http://blip.tv/play/AYLjzjsC.x?p=1
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLjzjsC.x?p=1 width=”720″ height=”433″]

YCPT – 3rd Year Anniversary – part 2


Introducing Matt Burkett, Suit Actor and SFX Coordinator

We are very thrilled to announce our suit actor for the FamiKamen Rider, Matt Burkett, also known online as Apollo Z. Hack. For his previous involvement in projects with Justin and someone who would truly know and understand what kind of project we were trying to film, it was clear to us that he was the appropriate person for the job. Matt will also be providing many of the visual effects in the post production of the movie. We are very fortunate and very grateful for his acceptance and involvement in this project, and we think you will be satisfied with the results as well.

Catch more examples of Matt’s work on his YouTube Channel, MONSTROSITIES: Tokusatsu Vlog.

The FKR Completion Live Q&A

Yesterday, we did a live Q&A on Hitbox to answer some questions some people may have had when it came to what exactly we were working on and how people could participate.  Hitbox managed to save about the first two-thirds of the Q&A which you can watch here.


If you can’t watch the video, or if you get to the point where the video cuts off, here’s basically a lot of the answers that were covered during the half hour we were live.

There are currently no plans for a professional stunt team, as we are working completely out of pocket, however we have stage/movie choreography in place to create convincing fight scenes.

We’re attempting to use as many elements from the original IndieGoGo campaign Justin set up as possible.  However, we are not working with that campaigns funds or reward system.  But any and all contributors to that campaign will receive credit during the credits sequence of the movie.

Any contributor to this project in any variety, whether it is monetary or with props, costumes, or services will also receive credit within the movie.

We have basically the same body suit that Justin was using (though not HIS specifically) and are rebuilding elements.  We will try our best to get as many costumes and prop pieces as possible that Justin already planned on using, but right now we have a lot of plans on building and rebuilding what’s necessary to fulfill our current script.

There is another hero aside from the FamiKamen Rider.

The majority of the movie takes place through the eyes of a completely unknown person within the Internet reviewer community.  This is done with the purpose to make JewWario/FKR shine more brightly.  This character has no idea who JewWario was or why everybody loves him, or why our Rider hero is needed so badly.  Through him, we get to relearn the story that Justin had already set up throughout his videos and learn about how special JewWario really was to the community.

The new, unknown character will not ever at any point become the FamiKamen Rider, nor will he obtain WaRiOn powers.  No one could ever possibly replace or recast Justin.  FKR will always be him.  So, when the Rider DOES eventually appear on screen in any capacity, for all intents and purposes, that will be HIM, and no one else.

We do have a suit actor for the FamiKamen Rider, to be revealed very soon.

The bulk of our major characters have been cast.

The movie is written to be both an inspirational piece for those who want to get out there and do something their passionate about, as well as being an appropriate loving send-off to the character and to our friend.  While this sounds heavy and dark, the truth is that it’s chock-full of fun, funny moments that reflect Justin’s brand of humor and his passion for games and Japanese special effects shows.

While we don’t have any special music composed, we would like it if any talented composers would like to join together with us to help us work out an insert theme/ending theme.  If the composer thought that MarzGurl’s voice would be appropriate for the piece, that is fine.  Otherwise, there are currently no plans for an insert theme featuring MarzGurl’s vocals.

This movie gives a canon explanation for why it is that the FamiKamen Rider goes missing in the first place (after the events with Doctor Holocaust in 2012) and for why he is no longer there.

If money was not an object, we would include a lot more crossovers and cameos with other people.  At least one person involved will be using his own funds to get to us here in San Antonio from his location.  Other than that, we can’t currently afford to bring many people to us in one place.  That is not to say you won’t see cameos, but they may not always physically be there with us.

More info is coming soon on how to submit your own video cheering the FamiKamen Rider on in battle.  We can say that submissions will likely have to be kept short, likely around the 1 minute mark.

Although we don’t have a hard deadline for anything just yet, we’re expecting to want to have the majority of submitted materials of all varieties in to us by mid-December so as to be ready for MAGFest in January.

We strongly believe that the motorcycle we would like to use will make a very strong statement in the closing of the movie.  However, we do have an alternate version of the script should it happen that we can’t acquire it.

If you have your own fan-made “hero” character that you would like to do something, we don’t have any strong plans for incorporating other heroes, but send us an E-mail and tell us about your character along with images, and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do.  We can’t make any strong promises, though.

At no point do we plan on making any money off of this movie.  Of course we will likely eventually have it available for streaming on the Internet.  If eventually there is enough demand for something like a DVD release, proceeds would very likely end up going toward a charitable cause.

Also, today we would like to thank Grady, Thomas, and Mitchell for their financial contributions to the project.  It seems we may have some props in the mail as well, and we’ll give a more official thanks once they’ve arrived and we have all the details.

And thank you to all of you who have given your support in any way, shape, or form over the past couple days.  There is an intense amount of love coming from the community, and it isn’t because of us, but because of our friend Justin that everyone so very passionately wants to celebrate.  I think we’re all feeling the same way.  We love the love that you’ve received and you continue to share.  Thank you once again.  We’ll update you again soon.