Thanks! Still working hard!

Hello, friends!  We’re hoping to make another video update very, very soon.  But we wanted to keep you up to speed with what we’re doing.  We want to thank Michael for the donation of the costume piece!  Also, sorry guys, but we want to credit two other people, but we can’t until you reach out to us!  We received a ton of craft foam (which is gonna help immensely with costume creation) as well as the Famicom cartridge Deep Dungeon III which we’re converting into another prop piece.  But we only have the names of the online stores they came from and not the people who purchased them!  If you made these contributions, please reach out to us so that we can appropriately credit you both here and in the movie.

We’ve updated the wish list to also include two pairs of gloves.  Currently, the gloves and the body suits are the most important things we need off that list.  If you can help with any of those things, please let us know.  Also, I guess from this point on, just let us know when you’ve made a physical item contribution so that we know not to buy another one and so that we can properly credit you.  Again, here’s the link to the FKR Amazon Wish List:

I REALLY want to share with you the AMAZING work Josh has been doing on our character’s helmets and costume pieces (and he happens to be working on it as I type), but I don’t think he’d be very happy with me sharing photos of them at this particular stage.  Believe me, though, we’ll have some great costume photos to tease you with soon.

Oh!  And I almost forgot.  Thank you to John for commissioning a wonderful piece of art from deviantART user Trinityinyang for use in promoting FamiKamen Rider.  We’ll be using the art periodically throughout the promotion of the movie, so you might be seeing it from time to time.  Visit Trinityinyang’s deviantART page here:

Commission: Famikamen Rider Tribute by Trinityinyang on deviantART

We still want to make updates about our cast and filming schedule very very soon.  Just wanna make sure we have all things okay’d before we do so.  Thanks for sticking with us, for helping us, and for giving so much love to the project.  More updates to come.


More updates and more thanks!

Every day we’re working a little bit on pre-production, and every day somebody surprises me with kindness, generosity, and love.  Big thanks John and Robert for their financial contributions, as well as to Stephen for helping us to acquire one of the most important pieces off of our costume list.  We’ve also tackled the acquisition of a couple of great deals that were on our list, so we’ve moved those to “purchased”.  Later today we’ll be adding a couple other small things that we need to the list, so keep an eye on that address.

Past that, I think we’re very near ready to start filming a few small scenes that don’t require a lot of additional work!  I’m hoping that within the week we can announce the major cast to the public and give a list of characters and basic descriptions.  That way, you can really start to feel out what this story is somewhat going to look like.

As I said before, we’re working hard every day on something, whether it be reaching out to people and places or building costume and prop pieces ourselves.  Heck, I’ve even reached out to some local recording studios this past week!  Not making any promises, but we’ll see where that goes.

Expect to hear more news and see more photos very, very soon.  I’m excited to be sharing this love with all of you people who have shown such love and passion, too.  Take care, talk to you more soon!

Small Updates and Thanks

We wanted to keep you guys updated on just what’s been happening this week.  We received a couple more financial donations from Esteban and Nicholas, as well as prop contributions off of our Amazon wish list from Paul and Bob.  Thank you to all of you!

There’s still a number of things we’re looking to acquire, but thankfully we’re still busy building a number of costumes and prop pieces on our own.  We’re busy thinking about the movie every single day!

A couple days ago, we did our first read through of the script with a couple of our actors together.  While we can use some adjustments to our script, we’re otherwise very pleased, and in fact we got a lot more realism and emotion out of our actors than we actually expected.  There are a handful of scenes that are basically ready to be shot immediately, and I’m greatly looking forward to doing so.

We hope within the next week or so to unveil a few actors and the characters they’re playing in our movie in something of a playbill/press release.  We’re working hard on making sure all of it is ready for you, so I hope you will wait eagerly for us!

Finally, we want to ask for help from cosplayers as well.  There’s only a couple of pieces that we ourselves are not especially skilled at creating.  We don’t want to give anything away, but we want to look into who may be available to drop what they’re doing and commission a thing or two for us right away.  We realize that many cosplay commissioners always have a long list of costumes they’ve already been commissioned for.  But we feel that we have a worthy cause that we’re working toward creating.  If you create costumes of any variety and you are willing to help us complete our goal right away, we would be very happy to hear from you.  Please send us a portfolio of your work, and if you are a good fit for our project, we would like to reach back out to you and work together.

Thank you, guys!  We’re very excited about the way the project is moving along.  We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!