More updates and more thanks!

Every day we’re working a little bit on pre-production, and every day somebody surprises me with kindness, generosity, and love.  Big thanks John and Robert for their financial contributions, as well as to Stephen for helping us to acquire one of the most important pieces off of our costume list.  We’ve also tackled the acquisition of a couple of great deals that were on our list, so we’ve moved those to “purchased”.  Later today we’ll be adding a couple other small things that we need to the list, so keep an eye on that address.

Past that, I think we’re very near ready to start filming a few small scenes that don’t require a lot of additional work!  I’m hoping that within the week we can announce the major cast to the public and give a list of characters and basic descriptions.  That way, you can really start to feel out what this story is somewhat going to look like.

As I said before, we’re working hard every day on something, whether it be reaching out to people and places or building costume and prop pieces ourselves.  Heck, I’ve even reached out to some local recording studios this past week!  Not making any promises, but we’ll see where that goes.

Expect to hear more news and see more photos very, very soon.  I’m excited to be sharing this love with all of you people who have shown such love and passion, too.  Take care, talk to you more soon!


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