Teaser Photo and More Thanks!


Just sharing some accurate props and costume pieces to show you picture proof that we’re always moving forward!

Also, we’re filming one of our first scenes THIS SUNDAY!  I’m very excited to get started, and I hope you guys are, too.

Also wanted to give thanks to a couple more people.  Thanks to Luis for a costume piece and to Justin for another financial contribution.  Speaking of contributions, we’re also exactly one month away from doing a lot of exciting MAJOR filming and fight scenes with the majority of our lead cast on set.  For that reason, we really need to knock off the remaining pieces on our Project Wish List.  If we consider just the pieces on the wish list minus the motorcycle we’d like to use, we’re only $160 away from our goal.  Or, you can purchase a specific item directly off the list, and either let it ship to us through Amazon directly, or ship the off-site items to our P.O. Box.  If you include the motorcycle, that’s an additional $300.  Again, we can write around it if we don’t get it, but we think you’ll get a MUCH better scene if we have it.  So the grand total left that we need to cover for costume pieces and props is $460.  The rest of the small things, we’re covering out of our own pocket pretty easily.  Remember, if you’re getting something directly off of our Amazone wish list, please send me an E-mail at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com and let me know.  We still need to credit the contributor of the Famicom cartridge that we’re using, and I don’t know who sent it to us.  If you only wish to contribute financially, again, the active PayPal address is also marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com.

More info coming soon!  Thanks for sticking with us!


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