Partial Cast Listing and Other Updates!

When the first details of さらば、ファミ仮面ライダー/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider were released, details were sketchy as to who would be involved in the project.  Now with filming set to begin this weekend, a partial cast list for this project can be revealed.

The unlikely gamer who stumbles upon the missing FamiKamen Rider cartridge will be played by Chris Gloria.  Protecting him will be MarzGurl, played by Kaylyn Saucedo.  As revealed earlier, Matt Burkett will be taking on suit acting responsibilities for the FamiKamen Rider among others.  And of course, this movie also features and heavily revolves around the late Justin Carmical as JewWario/FamiKamen Rider.

Rounding out the cast are Caley Richardson, Mark Fujita (Psykotaku), Samantha Fujita (Psykoneko), Josh Saucedo (Beyond the Black Rims), and Nash Bozard (Radio Dead Air) in unspecified roles.  Additionally, you can expect to see many other cameos throughout the movie.

In related news, we want to give a big thanks to Davis for a monetary donation!  We are now very close to having everything we need for our major filming scenes next month.  There are only two things left on our Amazon wish list.  One is only worth approximately $60 and fulfills our basic requirements.  Additionally, we’re still hoping to pull through with the $300 pocket bike to really sell one of our biggest fight scenes.  If either of these are something you can help with, then great!  If not, then that’s fine!  We look forward to bringing you something both entertaining and worthy of our dear friend all the same.

You should be hearing from us again within a matter of days after our preliminary filming this Sunday.  Thanks for all of your continued support!


One thought on “Partial Cast Listing and Other Updates!”

  1. I’m in the movie too! But my mom said I can only do it if there are no swear words. Otherwise I will get grounded to planet boredom where there is no Internet or Pokemon. As soon as she gets old I’m banishing her to planet retirement home. I’m king. I can do that.


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