Teaser of First Day of Filming! More Updates!


We are proud to say that today was the first of many successful days of filming.  Our actors did a wonderful job despite changes in the weather throughout the shoot.  It’s understandable that many of the people involved with this project may not be used to a rigorous filming schedule, and yet their dedication to making this as entertaining as possible was clearly evident, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

In other news, our Amazon Wish List is basically completely fulfilled!  Thank you so much, and congratulations!  The only thing left on the list that would make it that much sweeter would be acquiring that pocket motorcycle.  We want to thank Holly for another financial contribution, which actually knocks the necessary amount to get the pocket motorcycle down to $275.  As always, if you can help, that’s great!  If not, we’re still working hard every day to make a movie that is worthy of our friend’s memory.

We’re looking forward to editing today’s scene we filmed right away in order to relieve the last-minute editing stress.  We’re specifically choosing to edit throughout the following months rather than waiting until we get everything.  We hope that this will ensure that we get a nearly-finished product by January.

More photos and updates to come very soon!


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