About the Project

FamiKamen Rider is a creation by Justin Carmical who committed suicide in January of 2014.  He was a wonderful friend who tried to encourage everyone to do anything they set their mind to.  He was a fan of import gaming and had relatively recently become a fan of the Japanese super hero series, Kamen Rider  From these fandoms, he created his own character, the FamiKamen Rider, which combined the concept of the Nintendo system, the Famicom, with Kamen Rider.  After creating a handful of videos using his FamiKamen Rider character, he intended on making an 11 episode FamiKamen Rider Internet series.  Sadly, this did not ever reach completion.

While only so much of this project he was working on exists, there were many who wanted to bring his project somewhat to completion.  That’s where this movie project steps in.  While we can’t possibly replace Justin or entirely finish what he had planned, we can certainly give the character his proper moment to shine as well as giving him a wonderful, heartfelt send-off.

This completion project was spawned from the desire of many wonderful, creative people near and around Justin who wanted to see it through to completion.  The script and many other aspects of the movie are being developed by Joshua and Kaylyn Saucedo, who have combed through as many pieces of Justin’s work as possible to create the most accurate movie to Justin’s original vision and canon.  The budget is quite low and is mostly out of pocket, however the team is looking for anyone who may wish to lend their support in the creative development of the project.

A rough cut of the film is expected to be ready for viewing by MAGFest 2015.


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