Wish List Complete, Other Ways to Help

Hello again, everyone!  We’re happy to say that we’ve acquired or have everything we need for the project on the way to us right now.  We’re quickly approaching the days of major filming, and to have everything we needed of the wish list is a major load off our shoulders.  That includes the pocket bike!  So, from this point forward, unless an emergency of some kind comes up, we don’t see ourselves asking for anything else directly out of anyone’s pockets.  There are other things we’ll be looking for in terms of other kinds of submissions, one of which we’ll elaborate on right now.

We’re looking for some specific kind of art of the FamiKamen Rider.  Hopefully for some, this shouldn’t be an immensely difficult project.  We’re looking for silhouettes of the Rider, in many different positions and poses, to use within the movie, and we’d like to give credit to anyone who’d like to submit something that we end up using (of which we’ll use a handful).  Here’s an example of what we’re talking about.

DSCN2002This is an example of a photo of Justin posing as the FamiKamen Rider.

example copyThis is an incredibly terrible example of a silhouetted version of the same image.

You can use photos or stills of Justin’s previous videos in order to get the template you need.  Feel free to check out Justin’s old Photobucket account that features photos of his progress on the FamiKamen Rider costume: http://s783.photobucket.com/user/jewwario/library/?sort=3&page=1

Likewise, you can also create your own silhouetted images from scratch.  Original art is definitely welcomed.  But, please, don’t submit silhouettes of fan art that already exists on the Internet.  If we end up using it, you’ll absolutely get your name credited in the movie.  Either submit the art through our contact page, or E-mail us at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com.

Finally for now, we’re very thrilled to have been given permission to film at the location we were scoping out earlier this week.  It gives us just that much more excitement to be filming in just three weeks.  And by the way, have you seen our Forums!?  You can either click the link here, or check out the link up in the top right-hand corner of the main site.  Come talk to other fans, get creative, and speculate on what it is we’re working on, what you’d like to see, and what you wouldn’t.  We want to know what you think!

We look forward to sending out more submission challenges and give more of you a chance to participate in bringing the project to completion.  Thank you as always for your incredible support.


More Progress! Always More Thanks!

After that first day of filming, we’ve already started some of the editing process.  Things are beginning to look quite good.  Today, we’re going off to investigate a possible filming location.  Looking forward to making plans.  Josh has been hard at work every single day, still working on costumes and props, as well as prepping fight choreography.

Samuel helped us finish off one of our final costume pieces this past week, and we also want to thank Rigoberto for his contribution as well.  That brings us down to only needing $270 for the pocket bike.  We’re very close to our goal!

We also look forward to welcoming Matt Burkett to San Antonio in about three weeks as we prepare to film some of our most major and important scenes.  It’s an exciting time on the project!

Thank you once again for your interest and support.  We’d love to hear comments and ideas from you, maybe even your speculation on just what it is we’re working on.  It helps us to know what you want to see, what you don’t want to see, and how we should be getting information to you.  Always feel free to reach out to us!

Soon we’ll be making artistic requests, as well as requests for you, the audience, to submit your own footage of yourself for the movie.  More information on that is right around the corner!  Thanks once again, as always!

Teaser of First Day of Filming! More Updates!


We are proud to say that today was the first of many successful days of filming.  Our actors did a wonderful job despite changes in the weather throughout the shoot.  It’s understandable that many of the people involved with this project may not be used to a rigorous filming schedule, and yet their dedication to making this as entertaining as possible was clearly evident, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

In other news, our Amazon Wish List is basically completely fulfilled!  Thank you so much, and congratulations!  The only thing left on the list that would make it that much sweeter would be acquiring that pocket motorcycle.  We want to thank Holly for another financial contribution, which actually knocks the necessary amount to get the pocket motorcycle down to $275.  As always, if you can help, that’s great!  If not, we’re still working hard every day to make a movie that is worthy of our friend’s memory.

We’re looking forward to editing today’s scene we filmed right away in order to relieve the last-minute editing stress.  We’re specifically choosing to edit throughout the following months rather than waiting until we get everything.  We hope that this will ensure that we get a nearly-finished product by January.

More photos and updates to come very soon!

Partial Cast Listing and Other Updates!

When the first details of さらば、ファミ仮面ライダー/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider were released, details were sketchy as to who would be involved in the project.  Now with filming set to begin this weekend, a partial cast list for this project can be revealed.

The unlikely gamer who stumbles upon the missing FamiKamen Rider cartridge will be played by Chris Gloria.  Protecting him will be MarzGurl, played by Kaylyn Saucedo.  As revealed earlier, Matt Burkett will be taking on suit acting responsibilities for the FamiKamen Rider among others.  And of course, this movie also features and heavily revolves around the late Justin Carmical as JewWario/FamiKamen Rider.

Rounding out the cast are Caley Richardson, Mark Fujita (Psykotaku), Samantha Fujita (Psykoneko), Josh Saucedo (Beyond the Black Rims), and Nash Bozard (Radio Dead Air) in unspecified roles.  Additionally, you can expect to see many other cameos throughout the movie.

In related news, we want to give a big thanks to Davis for a monetary donation!  We are now very close to having everything we need for our major filming scenes next month.  There are only two things left on our Amazon wish list.  One is only worth approximately $60 and fulfills our basic requirements.  Additionally, we’re still hoping to pull through with the $300 pocket bike to really sell one of our biggest fight scenes.  If either of these are something you can help with, then great!  If not, then that’s fine!  We look forward to bringing you something both entertaining and worthy of our dear friend all the same.

You should be hearing from us again within a matter of days after our preliminary filming this Sunday.  Thanks for all of your continued support!

Teaser Photo and More Thanks!


Just sharing some accurate props and costume pieces to show you picture proof that we’re always moving forward!

Also, we’re filming one of our first scenes THIS SUNDAY!  I’m very excited to get started, and I hope you guys are, too.

Also wanted to give thanks to a couple more people.  Thanks to Luis for a costume piece and to Justin for another financial contribution.  Speaking of contributions, we’re also exactly one month away from doing a lot of exciting MAJOR filming and fight scenes with the majority of our lead cast on set.  For that reason, we really need to knock off the remaining pieces on our Project Wish List.  If we consider just the pieces on the wish list minus the motorcycle we’d like to use, we’re only $160 away from our goal.  Or, you can purchase a specific item directly off the list, and either let it ship to us through Amazon directly, or ship the off-site items to our P.O. Box.  If you include the motorcycle, that’s an additional $300.  Again, we can write around it if we don’t get it, but we think you’ll get a MUCH better scene if we have it.  So the grand total left that we need to cover for costume pieces and props is $460.  The rest of the small things, we’re covering out of our own pocket pretty easily.  Remember, if you’re getting something directly off of our Amazone wish list, please send me an E-mail at marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com and let me know.  We still need to credit the contributor of the Famicom cartridge that we’re using, and I don’t know who sent it to us.  If you only wish to contribute financially, again, the active PayPal address is also marzgurl@marzgurlproductions.com.

More info coming soon!  Thanks for sticking with us!

Official Synopsis for Saraba/Farewell FamiKamen Rider has arrived!

After months of prep, and with weeks to go until principal photography, here’s your first look at the story for Saraba/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider.  It reads as follows:

MarzGurl Productions presents “Saraba/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider,” the thrilling conclusion to the story authored by the

late Justin Carmical. After a massive fight in Canada, the FamiKamen Rider has gone missing in action, leaving his transformation belt behind and his cartridge vanished.  In the aftermath of the battle, a new enemy appears, seeking out the power of the FamiKamen Rider for himself.

For three years, MarzGurl has kept the transformation belt safe from enemy hands.  Her search for the missing cartridge proves futile, until Chris, a rare video game collector, stumbles upon the cartridge by chance. Not knowing what he has found, Chris’s curiosity makes him a target for this new evil.  As he learns about the history of the FamiKamen Rider, with the additional support of an old friend and a new hero, it is up to MarzGurl and Chris to make the journey to find answers, confront their own fears, and stop this new threat before it is too late.

Saraba/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider is shooting for a MAGFest 2015 premiere.  

Thanks! Still working hard!

Hello, friends!  We’re hoping to make another video update very, very soon.  But we wanted to keep you up to speed with what we’re doing.  We want to thank Michael for the donation of the costume piece!  Also, sorry guys, but we want to credit two other people, but we can’t until you reach out to us!  We received a ton of craft foam (which is gonna help immensely with costume creation) as well as the Famicom cartridge Deep Dungeon III which we’re converting into another prop piece.  But we only have the names of the online stores they came from and not the people who purchased them!  If you made these contributions, please reach out to us so that we can appropriately credit you both here and in the movie.

We’ve updated the wish list to also include two pairs of gloves.  Currently, the gloves and the body suits are the most important things we need off that list.  If you can help with any of those things, please let us know.  Also, I guess from this point on, just let us know when you’ve made a physical item contribution so that we know not to buy another one and so that we can properly credit you.  Again, here’s the link to the FKR Amazon Wish List: http://amzn.com/w/3BWAXIJP13GFB

I REALLY want to share with you the AMAZING work Josh has been doing on our character’s helmets and costume pieces (and he happens to be working on it as I type), but I don’t think he’d be very happy with me sharing photos of them at this particular stage.  Believe me, though, we’ll have some great costume photos to tease you with soon.

Oh!  And I almost forgot.  Thank you to John for commissioning a wonderful piece of art from deviantART user Trinityinyang for use in promoting FamiKamen Rider.  We’ll be using the art periodically throughout the promotion of the movie, so you might be seeing it from time to time.  Visit Trinityinyang’s deviantART page here: http://trinityinyang.deviantart.com/

Commission: Famikamen Rider Tribute by Trinityinyang on deviantART

We still want to make updates about our cast and filming schedule very very soon.  Just wanna make sure we have all things okay’d before we do so.  Thanks for sticking with us, for helping us, and for giving so much love to the project.  More updates to come.